Friday, April 3, 2009

Mini Cooper

I have found a the most wonderful mechanic here in Atlanta.......Way Motor Works

But first let me say: I saved and saved to buy my Mini and I paid cash for it in 2006 that was a first for me ! 85,000 miles later and I still love it and it runs like a champ.

But I will say the worst experience in owning a mini has to be dealing with the dealerships that service Mini Cooper and there are only (2) in Georgia and believe me you don't want a oil change from anyone else that is not a certified mini tech doing it.....

Mini Coopers service has never been a pleasurable experience.... and if it is warranty work they only fix what you ask for, if something else is wrong they will NOT go above and beyond to ensure your car is right! and they wont tell you if something is wrong they love to tell you things like "Oh no it's not time for brakes" even if they are squealing like a pig but the moment you are out of warranty you will need them! I know.

But this is not about negativity it just a warning, remember if you bought the extended warranty its well worth it but be sure to stand your ground if you don't like what you hear from your service dealer then get a 2nd opinion!

If you are out of warranty? you don't have to use the dealer anymore visit ......

Way Motor Works he services both MINI's and BMW's. Way is a factory trained BMW/MINI technician. He was trained at the BMWSTEP factory training facility, and then worked for a dealer for almost 5 yrs. In 2003 Way competed in the MINI AIM contest making him one of the top 20 MINI technicians in the country. Then in 2004 he started Way Motor Works. With his years of experience, you can be confident that anything you want done to your BMW/MINI, whether it's an oil change, performance upgrade, or complete rebuild, will be done right.

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