Thursday, May 21, 2009

Beagles are a blast to have!

Extremely friendly dogs

Known to be good pets for children due to their good dispositions (they are on the Readers Digest Top 10 Breeds for Families with Children) Fairly minimal shedders (they do shed more in the spring) Crave human relationships - She can never get enough of ya

Hardy, and can live indoors or out in all seasons. Even in cold climates, beagles do not require insulated or heated houses as long as they have a shelter

Beagle Disadvantages

Love to follow scents (rabbits especially), and get sidetracked easily

Should be taught early to respond to "come."

Prone to getting overweight if allowed to eat at will

They don't bark often, but when they do, it is loud!

Beagles are possibly difficult to train beyond the normal/basic commands. Too much schooling is not fun for a beagle. They would rather snuggle or play with you than spend hours learning to walk through a hoop tunnel or jump over a meaningless board set up on blocks.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Craft Show tips

Here are a few of my “Personal Tips” for increasing your craft show sales.

Show up early and leave late!

1) Have an organized display that is not too crowded with product.

2) Do display all of the different types of items you are selling. If you have 6 different items display all of them. Don’t wait for someone to ask and don’t have them listed on a sheet of paper. People want to see what they buying.

3) Make sure your display is sturdy and can handle being touched. Nothing is more embarrassing to a potential customer than knocking down a display.

4) Don’t make your table covering so busy that it is hard for the eye to focus on the products.

5) Create height in your display. This can be done with crates and baskets. This added height often catches the eye of people walking along the other side of an isle. It also adds space to your table without the extra cost.

6) Bring drinks, lunch and a snack. It is hard to sell items if you are not at your booth.
Do not eat or drink at your table if there are shoppers viewing items. It is not professional.

7) Have your prices clearly displayed .

8) Clearly tell shoppers that your products are handmade by yourself. Shoppers want handmade
9) If someone does not buy at your table. Be nice and tell them thank you for stopping by.

10) Don’t pass out samples. They never work. They will cost you a fortune in the long run. Why buy if you can get something for free?

11) Bring 10% of attendance in product.

12) Don't Smoke at your Table.

13) Above all Smile if your having a bad show dont talk about to other vendors or in front of shoppers after all who wants to shop at Sad Sally's booth!