Thursday, May 21, 2009

Beagles are a blast to have!

Extremely friendly dogs

Known to be good pets for children due to their good dispositions (they are on the Readers Digest Top 10 Breeds for Families with Children) Fairly minimal shedders (they do shed more in the spring) Crave human relationships - She can never get enough of ya

Hardy, and can live indoors or out in all seasons. Even in cold climates, beagles do not require insulated or heated houses as long as they have a shelter

Beagle Disadvantages

Love to follow scents (rabbits especially), and get sidetracked easily

Should be taught early to respond to "come."

Prone to getting overweight if allowed to eat at will

They don't bark often, but when they do, it is loud!

Beagles are possibly difficult to train beyond the normal/basic commands. Too much schooling is not fun for a beagle. They would rather snuggle or play with you than spend hours learning to walk through a hoop tunnel or jump over a meaningless board set up on blocks.

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