Sunday, January 31, 2010


Solitude does not equal loneliness. Although, for many of you, the two words mean the same. Your modern world generally shuns solitude. If you're not a social butterfly, there must be something wrong with you.

It's quite the other way around -- a society, a world who do not understand or value solitude do not understand themselves. We know many of you reading this often crave solitude, some "alone" time. But do you take it? And, if you do, do you feel guilty about it?

The most valuable time you will ever spend in this lifetime, friends, is the time you spend alone. But not only the time you spend alone -- but the time you enjoy spending alone. All of you, no exceptions, need this time alone. Yet many of you deprive yourselves of it. And everything and everyone in your lives suffer as a result.

You cannot be in and of the world in any positive, productive way unless you are willing to take the time to also be apart from the world. You don't have to divorce the world. In fact, that would not suit most of you. But you do have to take the time regularly to be alone in joyful solitude.

You all probably know someone who seems to need constant interaction with other people. Maybe that someone is you. And if that someone doesn't have another person there, he/she turns on the television, or the radio, or the computer.

It's almost as if you're scared to death of yourselves. Solitude has become a lost art. Solitude is good, friends. We're not telling you to abandon your responsibilities to others. But we are telling you to honor your responsibility to yourselves.

If you are not able to be fully present in the moment with only yourselves -- and feel good about it -- you're probably not able to be fully present with others. Including the divine energy you came from.

It all starts at home, within yourselves. Alone and in solitude

Monday, January 25, 2010

Market Your Handmade Soap Business

I found this great artical written by Kristie.Leong.M.D and wanted to share it with you!

If you have your own soap making business, you know it can be a challenge to find new markets for your handmade soap. It may surprise you to learn there are a variety of low cost and even free ways for you to market your soaps. Here are some ideas:

1. Design a business card that really plays up your soap making business. Include a photo of your handmade soap right on your card. Nothing attracts the eye and promotes a desire to buy better than a photo. Include useful information on your business card such as "5 Reasons Why Handmade Soap Is Better". Make sure your website address and contact information are clearly displayed on your card.

2. Give your business card out everywhere you go. Place one into fishbowls at restaurants and post them on bulletin boards in libraries, grocery stores, and schools. Give one to your hairdresser, dentist, and tailor. Do it consistently and you'll see results!

3. Join your local Chamber of Commerce and network with other members. Your local Chamber of Commerce probably offers monthly meetings where you can meet other small business owners. At these meetings, you'll likely find retail store owners who would love to carry your handmade soaps in their stores. Retailers are always looking for something unique they can offer their customers. Take lots of business cards with you to the meetings!

4. Design a knock out flyer. Again, be sure to include an eye catching photo of your handmade soap on your flyer. As with your business card, give people useful information on the flyer and let them know how your soap can make their life better. If your soaps are all natural, emphasize the fact that there are no synthetic chemicals to cause health problems. Are your soaps super moisturizing? Let them know how their dry skin will improve. Post your eye catching flyers on every bulletin board you come across.

5. Get some free publicity. Learn how to write a good press release and send it to all the local papers and magazines in your area. Local newspapers and journals would love to publish the story of a local, handmade soap making business. Let them know how you got started and what makes your business unique. Be sure to include your website address in your press release. A good story in a local journal can bring in a ton of business!

6. Write articles about handmade soap and soap making for local and online publications. Let people know how handmade soap is different from the soap they get at their local supermarket. Talk about the handmade soap making process and about the different options for adding scent and color to handmade soaps. By educating your potential customer about handmade soap, you inspire her to want to buy your products. Always include a link to your website in your online articles and display your website address clearly in any print articles you write.

7. Donate a soap gift set to a charity auction. This can generate alot of positive publicity for your soap making business. Plus, it gives the winner a chance to try your soap and spread the word about your unique product to her friends. Again, include contact information in the packaging of the gift set.

8. Give out free samples of your soap. Make a batch of small, travel size soaps to give away at work, at crafts shows, and other events. Include a business card with every sample you give out.

These are just a few of the many ideas for marketing your soap making business. Stay tuned for more articles on how to make your handmade soap business a success!