Saturday, April 3, 2010

Whats New

I have been trying out some new fragrance oils and some new essential oil oil blends to see where I would like to take the next step in my small soap biz. There may be a whole new luxury line of soaps in the works real soon, so be sure to check back soon.

Tuscan Herb will be available soon in sample and the 3 oz bar size

Lime Soap will be available soon in sample and the 3 oz bar size

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mad Hatter Costume

Well once again, my son asked for my assistance in creating a costume for a party, a friend of his is throwing in Athens GA,  he told me he thought a mad hatter costume would be fun, so the game begans.

Every thing is recycled or reused, the only purchase was the dye to color the clothes. Everything else I had in my studio of eclectic gatherings...

Off to work we went, dying the clothes green, taping the pants for the pin stripes once that was done we sprayed dye on them in a darker shade and grunged up the jacket as well, I sewed lace to the lapel and added a few trinkets and that part was done, very little sewing was involved and that mad me a happy camper.

The hat was fairley simple, for that we used poster board and an old cowboy hat, the material is from an old valance, the feathers are from an old duster we also made the hat pins and so on…… wala the made hatter! Over all it took us about a total of 4 hours not counting the dry time for the dye, and he was a big hit at the party and it lead to two more invites in Atlanta,

What’s next, well before you know it,  Dragon Con will be here and I know what that means another costume lets just hope it’s not as tough as “Assassins’ Creeds” that we made last year!