Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Snake Hunting!

The other night at about dusk I was walking our beagle and I almost stepped on a copperhead so I went inside and got my husband, of course he came out and killed it. Whew I thought how lucky I was and glad I was wearing my boots! We out a few night later and saw some more and were able to kill another one, we thought wow 2 copperheads in a week.

A few nights later we went out and killed 6 more this all seemed so surreal like a movie if ya know what I mean, after all that was a total of 8 copperheads! Thinking that would be the end of it!

It was not, Sunday night our beagle was bitten by a copperhead we rushed her to the ER Vet Clinic and they gave her pain meds and antibiotics, we are lucky and she is going to be OK and maybe a little scaring but not much!

Of course you guessed it we went back to hunting and to date have killed a total of 12 copperheads!

I sure hope that this is the end of it.......

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